How to Kill Lice

In order to fully move on from a head lice infestation, you must successfully kill all living head lice and their eggs, called nits. However, many people aren’t aware of how to kill head lice or are not sure how to tell that they have in fact killed all the lice. Using the right head lice treatment to kill lice and nits is important, and making sure they have all been removed is crucial for ensuring the infestation does not come back a few days later.

Once treatment has stopped, you will need to use a lice comb to search through the hair to make sure all lice have been removed. Eggs must also no longer be present. You may find some eggs in the hair still, but as long as they are farther than 1 centimeter from the scalp, they are more than likely dead.

Kill Lice

The proper treatment is needed to kill lice. Traditional treatments utilize pesticides such as pyrethrin and permethrin, but there are several reasons why you should avoid these products. Not only is it dangerous to regularly treat the scalp with chemicals and pesticides, the pesticides used have lost a lot of their effectiveness, as head lice have built up a resistance to them.

Instead, we recommend using a natural treatment option, such as ClearLice.These products use natural ingredients like essential oils and enzymes to effectively kill lice and nits. If you do not want to handle the lice removal on your own, you can hire a lice removal service. Just dial #1833headlice to find a service in your state. You will pay a bit more for this service, but they will take care of the entire process for you. Another great option for treating head lice yourself is Licenex, another natural shampoo option that will kill lice effectively and safely.