Lice Shampoo

Panic sets in when you first get news from school that your child has head lice. Several questions may come to mind. How did this happen? Do I have lice too? Are there lice in my home? How do I get rid of this?

You may scan the internet and come across crazy home remedies from mayonnaise to listerine. While, this may sound super convenient, these methods do not work, they can be dangerous, and are also quite messy. Listerine should be used as directed after brushing your teeth and mayonnaise should remain a food condiment.

Choosing a lice shampoo that is actually intended to get rid of lice and lice eggs will be your best bet. But, which one do you choose. There are many lice shampoos on the market, but we are going to make choosing easy. There are really only two kinds of lice shampoos: chemical shampoos and enzyme shampoos.

Chemical shampoos contain pesticides that aim to attack the nervous system of lice bugs killing them and enzyme shampoos are meant to mimic the molting process of head lice and destroying their exoskeletons to eliminate them.

Lice Shampoo Walmart

Currently many lice shampoos exist that are enzyme based and effective at attacking head lice and do not contain chemicals or pesticides. These natural enzymes break open the outer shells of lice bugs and the casings of lice eggs while also dissolving the nit glue that lice used to stick eggs to the hair shaft.

They have enzyme based lice shampoo at Walmart and at local drugstores. You can also find shampoos like this online at walmart, ebay, amazon, or directly from the manufacturer’s website. These natural shampoos are effective, safe, and highly recommended.

If you do decide to choose an enzyme based shampoo, we recommend ClearLice or Licenex. You can also opt for a nit picking service, which will come to your home and treat everyone that is infested. Here is a number to find lice removal services in your state: 1-833-headlice.