Super Lice

Super lice are an evolved strain of head lice that have become resistant to common over-the-counter lice treatments. Due to the overuse of chemical treatments, such as Rid and Nix, lice have mutated and become stronger. OTC treatments are no longer as effective as they once were in the battle against lice.

Super Lice Resistant to Lice Treatment

According to new studies, chemicals known as pyrethrins and permethrin are significantly less effective against this new strain of super lice. These chemicals have been around since the 1980’s and they are what make up your common household brand names, Rid and Nix.

Current research shows that these lice treatments now have a 25% level of effectiveness when coupled with nit combing, as opposed to over 95% effectiveness level from studies done years ago.

This means that chemical over-the-counter lice treatments are more likely to fail than succeed at getting rid of super lice. If you use the products, the odd are against you.

Super Lice Treatments that Work

Naturally, those that are lice affected will need to seek out alternative lice treatments that will effectively treat super lice. Home remedies such as vaseline and oils can be used. However, this is time consuming and requires repeated application over a two week period. Prescriptions are another option, although the medication prescribed can be potentially harmful – especially when applying it to a young child.

Since head lice cannot build up a resistant to the ingredients that are contained in new natural lice treatments that are void of chemicals. Parents should now opt for herbal lice shampoos that are specifically designed to get rid super lice, quickly and effectively. We recommend ClearLice or Licenex if you do decide to go this route. You can also opt for a nit picking service, which will come to your home and treat everyone that is infested. Here is a number to find lice removal services in your state: 1-833-headlice.