Tea Tree Oil for Head Lice

While you have children in school, it is more than likely that they will become infested with head lice. While head lice are thankfully not dangerous and do not transmit disease, they are incredibly contagious and require treatment to remove them entirely from the infested head and from the home. However, using traditional treatment methods that are filled with pesticides is becoming increasingly ineffective, and not to mention, dangerous! Thankfully, there are more natural methods for treating lice. Did you know that you can use tea tree oil for head lice?

Tea Tree Oil Lice

It is true, tea tree oil lice treatment is an effective method for killing head lice, and it does not require the use of any potentially harmful chemicals or pesticides. Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is incredibly effective at killing both living head lice and their eggs, called nits. Once you have purchased your tea tree oil, mix it in with a shampoo product of yours and if you have it, also add in a few drops of lavender (which is also known to help kill lice). Apply the mixture to the scalp and thoroughly comb through the hair. You will most likely have to do several treatments, but this should effectively kill all the living lice and nits infesting you or your child’s hair.

If you prefer purchasing an already made lice treatment, we would recommend a natural shampoo that also utilizes essential oils as well as enzymes to kill head lice. Our recommendation for this product is ClearLice. If you do not have the time or simply do not want to handle removing the lice on your own, consider a lice removal service. To find a service in your state, dial #1833headlice. For another natural shampoo option, we would recommend Licenex.